Overview: Certification Level 1

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This is why we call it a Perpetual Mastermind Group!
This means you will have access to ALL Live Trainings in the Future, even when the course and included software get Better and Better!

Group Webinars, Step-by-Step Video and Limited One-on-One Skype Coaching!

There Is No Other Course Like This On The Planet!

“Network Empire Is the First Program I Have Seen That Has Legitimate SEO and Traffic Generation Secrets, While Others Only Claim To.”

– Ben Johnson 

Normally around 500 dollars at:

About Matt Da Cruz:

Matt is a business consultant, search engine auditor and co-inventor of the DWS NE Silo Builder, the first ever Online SEO Project Management and Silo Empire Builder Suite. This Technical Training is a rare opportunity to be mentored by the inventor himself!

About Sue Bell:

Sue Bell is the founder and CEO of Theme Zoom LLC. As the co-creator and mastermind behind Theme Zoom’s ‘Krakken’ Search Engine Marketing Tool and The Last Keyword Tool, she also played a significant role in the creation of DWS NE Silo Builder. Sue will maintain a strong presence throughout the 8 weeks of this event, and this is an EXTREMELY rare opporunity for you to learn from a military-level enterprise software architect and semantic web engineer.

About Russell Wright:

Russell Wright is an entrepreneur, futurist, semantic technology co-inventor, and neuromarketing expert. He co-founded Theme Zoom in 2006 and Network Empire in 2010. The only thing that Russell provides is comic relief . . . and of course this sales copy.

Compliments for NE Staff:

Dear Russell and Sue,

I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that you have inspired me and helped me not only learn, but to truly understand the potential of the Internet, even for a non-techie person like me. You are natural presenters, obviously passionate about what you do. Thankfully for me, you also share from your hearts. You have given me great hope and faith I now have what it takes to succeed. I totally love you guys. Thank you again!

Kathy Tremblay

Nashville SEO Event

What You Get:

From the Desk of Matt Da Cruz:

Hello, Today is one of the last few days to take advantage of securing your seat for the Limited Online Business Technical Foundation Coaching Program. Only ten seats will be sold.

You will be executing the following money-making processes below, learning them like the back of your hand. You can make money in your own business or provide this service charging tens of thousands of dollars for your own clients!

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More details:

  • It’s a 8 week course where I work with you and coach you through the WR1, WRS1 Market Domination Technical Site build. Nothing will be obfuscated. Nothing will be held back. You will understand everything about your WR1, WRS1 is the core foundation of your sites network. This site sits at the epicenter of your entire broadcasting network. You build this out wrong and ever layer you stack on top of this primary money site will fail & fall down- a lot of time, money and effort is typically wasted in this way.
  • You will be part of a small group of no more than 10 students, if you decide to join me. Due to the nature of this coaching program I personally cannot take on more students at a time. First come first serve so please reserve your seat. This is because I am personally working with each student throughout the 8 week period.

So Why Participate In This Coaching Program With Us?

You are getting this opportunity to tap into our collective knowledge (Sue, Russ & Matt) via me and will get this ‘Limited Opportunity’ to short cut your learning curve in a huge way. This is a pilot program so chances of this opportunity coming round again soon is limited.

  • You will get Skype text and emails access to me for questions while you building of your site.
  • I do a 1.5 hour live webinar each week where I will run through the questions for the week’s work as well as preparing you for the following week.
  • You will get personal training with me on how best to use our powerful tool set.
  • You will get to see how I use DWS and I will uncover the power of this Dynamic tool like never before.
  • You will get access to my personal TLKT filters and I will teach you how to write your own
  • You will be able to tap into the this private groups collective experience live weekly to discuss each weeks particular stage. Trust me, these open conversations are extremely powerful as one hears and learns massive amounts from others experiences which directly shortcuts your learning curve.

I can add another 1000 benefits to this list. Bottom line is if you are serious about making money online or building your business with your online presence then you need to be on this program.


Additional Benefits:

You will get access to a series of training videos each week as we work through the Network Empire Stackable Process.

In these videos I will be building a real world website for a local business in the hair and makeup sector.

Now the principles you will learn here will show you how to rapidly reverse engineer how businesses get leads, sales and traffic from a market. The business we using for the case study is my wife’s (pressure!) new business.

It is a real business for the guys who are building sites for their own businesses or for clients; this coaching program Will change the way you do things for the better!  So its in my own personal interest to make this network rock, you get to tap into experience.

This type of business will be a great case study as that sector deals a lot with social media. You will get to see how we bring the technical and social together to create the broadcasting infrastructure for a real world business.

This program will include dealing with local factors as well. No fake, no value demo site to learn from – a real world site being built in real time with you! I will show you step by step how I go about figuring out what we need to do for this client.

You will see how I process the data and build the entire infrastructure.

As far as we know, there are no other courses in the world that cover this level of detail – from technical SEO to business architecture.

What are you required to do?

What you will be required to do is build a new site over this period duplicating the actions that I do for your project. The reason for the new site is to avoid dealing with any unknown issues that can throw you off track. We have found that this is the best way to learn the Network Empire Stackable Process. Now remember – the Network Empire Stackable System is very unique because these core principals apply to most builds you encounter including eCommerce. Please note: the site you build should be of your choice. You don’t have to build a hair and makeup site. The reason for the doing the videos is to allow you to be able to pause and replay parts you would like to look over again. This also gives us more time on the weekly webinar to deal with the important questions you have about what you are experiencing whilst building out your site. It is very important we address and sticking points so your completely clear on the Network Empire Stackable Process.



“I wanted to personally thank you for changes you have made in my life with the SEO Tech Foundation 1 Training Course … I have never been so focused . . . as Matt pointed out yesterday, I used to overthink things but now my intentions are more focused! Thanks again.”

Dennis “Mitch” Bashore

Even more value!

I will be covering how I use tools like Krakken, TLKT, DWS, WordPress, WP Silo builder, One feed to rule them all, and you will get your market analysis Done For You in Krakken (a $350 value!)

So in summary what you will get is personal coaching for 8 weeks where I work with you as you build out your site using the Network Empire Stackable System. You will get to look over my shoulder and look into my world as I work and build out the site.

I will be available to assist you throughout the process.

This is a unique and great opportunity and will be lots of fun as we demystify the whole game of building online businesses and broadcasting to our audience at the speed of thought! So what does this cost?

The Limited Technical Foundation Coaching Program


2 payments of $997.00

By signing up for this program you agree to the programs TECHNICAL FOUNDATION AGREEMENT


The above purchase gets you into the  newsLimited Technical Foundation Coaching and Perpetual Mastermind GroupSo this is the breakdown of what on offer. There are 10 seats left so if you would like to speak with me please contact me on my Skype: jbay-mdc. I will be happy to speak with you. If I am not available please leave me a skype message and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. I look forward to speaking to you. See you on the inside the next Technical Foundation Coaching Program!

Take care!

Matt Da Cruz